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The Alamos winemaking philosophy is to make flavorful, drinkable wines that preserve each varietal's distinctive aroma, flavor and texture. Some of the Alamos wines acquire additional complexity from moderate oak aging. The Alamos winemaking team aims to make wines that are as good as wines twice their price.
Grapes for Alamos are hand harvested to ensure gentle handling. A double manual selection process ensures only the best grapes are used. (Such demanding selection is usually reserved for wines at US$ 30 or more).
Alamos wines receive moderate oak aging of a mixture of French and American oak which varies according to the vintage.
Alamos wines are made at Bodega Alamos, a state of the art facility located in Vistaflores, Mendoza. The winery is specially designed conic tanks allow for soft, gentle extraction. It also has small format tanks allow for lot selection and separation.
The Alamos winemaking team is lead by Felipe Stahlschmidt. Felipe received his winemaking degree from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and is finishing the thesis for his Masters in Viticulture and Winemaking in Mendoza. Felipe trained as Assistant Winemaker to Alejandro Vigil, Chief Winemaker at Bodega Catena Zapata.
An avid andinista Felipe has climbed the mighty Aconcagua mountain 7 times. On Malbec, Felipe believes: "Malbec and Mendoza are a marriage made in heaven! Our beautiful high altitude climate produces Malbecs that are rich, exuberant and full of character."

The Brand Ambassador

Jimena Turner, Brand Ambassador for Alamos wines, embodies the sophistication and international character of Argentina's highly developed culture of food and wine.

Born to a Welsh father and Argentine mother, Turner started her professional education in North Wales as an honor roll graduate in hotel and restaurant management from College Menai. She went directly into the top of the trade, working at the Royal Celtic Hotel in North Wales, then for Mathis properties in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Her experience with international cuisines gave birth to a passionate interest in wine, and Jimena returned to her native Argentina to focus her energies on the vibrant life of wine in Mendoza. She has continued her education in the detailed practices of viticulture and winemaking, working side by side with the vineyard managers and winemakers of Alamos.

'Alamos is one of the best values in New World wines. The wines are made with grape sourcing, harvesting and winemaking techniques usually reserved for luxury wines and this represents a tremendous value to consumers'

Since joining the Catena family enterprise in 2006, Jimena has developed innovative wine education and hospitality programs as she travels throughout the country to present Alamos wines.

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